Karl’s Goal Was Attendance…What He Got Was 26# Weight Loss

by Coach Mo

Oftentimes results are a byproduct of another goal or focus. Many people come to us with the goal of losing weight. After six weeks, or maybe even less, they are figuring out a game plan for adding more weight to the bar and PR on their lifts and workout times. It’s a beautiful thing. You quit focusing on your body and the scale and start to have FUN with fitness, and the weight loss is a bonus! For Karl, he had the goal of attending class every day he was in town (i.e. not traveling for work). He crushed this goal and went on to lose 26# in just 6 weeks!

Karl is a graduate of our most recent Bootcamp at CrossFit West Ames. He had been going to another class-based program in Ames for four years and while he had great results at first…his routine became mundane and his motivation had dwindled. He needed challenged in a new way and wanted to experience changes in both his body and routine.  Below is his story…

I came to Bootcamp and Crossfit West Ames looking for a change. I had been doing the same thing for almost four years and I wasn’t feeling challenged like I wanted. I have friends that do Crossfit and have mentioned I should try it so I decided to take them up on their offer.  I went to a bring a friend event, signed up for a “try-out” and started bootcamp on the Saturday of the same week!

I must admit, I was quite nervous at first. When I was at my try-out session, athleteswere doing walking-hand stands across the gym while I struggled with assisted pull ups. The awesome coaches assured me that I would be able to do CrossFit and that all the movements could be scaled based on my physical abilities. I knew that I was strong is some areas but very weak in others and hearing that was very reassuring.


We hit the ground running in bootcamp and I was hooked.  I loved the idea of nutrition seminars as part of eachwork out (early in the session). For me it was never the exercise part that was super hard it was the nutrition part. Once we started learning movements, we were introduced to them slowly and we focused hard on doing everything with precision in order to avoid injury. One concern some of my friends had that don’t do CrossFit had was that I was going to hurt myself since “everyone hurts themselves at CrossFit”. During bootcamp we learned that getting hurt will be less likely to happen if you are focused on your form.

I think may favorite part of Bootcamp was getting started with a core group of other “newbies” that could support and challenge me.  I am a hyper-competitive person and having someone right next to me really helped me push myself. Learning new things is a lot of fun and learning with other new folks makes it even better.

My biggest take away from my time in bootcamp was eating properly and to not compromise form for heavy weights.  I really needed to check myself when working on new movements as I thought I could lift more than I should and I was not getting my form right.

I had three goals going into Bootcamp; attend every class when I was in town, record all my food intake and increase all my baseline testing by 50%. I nailed my first two goals and only increased my baselines by 40%. While I didn’t hit my last goal I still improved, and improved by quite a bit. While it wasn’t a goal of mine at the start of bootcamp it was great to see that I had lost 26 lbs and nearly 7 inches from my body in six weeks. By far the greatest thing for me is a renewed love of going to the gym and challenging myself everyday with a core group of friends.”