Couch to CrossFit: Sara’s Cold Turkey Adventure to the Fit Life – and 60# Weight Loss!

by Coach Mo

Sara is one of our newest athletes to CrossFit and has an amazing story that I asked her to share. Our hope in sharing this is that she will inspire others who may be needing a change and don’t know where to start, are struggling to stay consistent or get motivated, and also to have you join us in celebrating her journey and accomplishments.

Looking for a Change

“I had been thinking about [making a change in my health and fitness] for at least nine months before making the decision [to start Bootcamp]. I just didn’t know where toIMG_2918-300x300 start. It all seemed very overwhelming. I finally hit the wall this past May (2015) when I needed to buy more business-appropriate clothes for a new job and had a very hard time finding anything that fit. When the biggest size in a plus-sized woman’s store is tight, you have to do something.”

The Beginning

Sara started the Whole30 ( on June 29, 2015 through the encouragement and support of a friend. “I decided to change this first because it seemed the smartest way to start.  I knew my eating habits were extremely unhealthy and that I had to do something. You have to eat. You can’t give it up like smoking or drinking. I had to get it under control before doing anything else.”

It was a drastic change, but having everything spelled out as to what she could and could not eat made it approachable. She committed to it wholeheartedly – AND cold turkey. “Thankfully, I had given up soda in March and that helped a lot. I spent one day cleaning out my cupboards and refrigerator and the next day I went grocery shopping for my new lifestyle. It was and wasn’t hard. I had made the decision, so there was no going back – but on those nights when you’re tired or short on time, clean eating isn’t easy. It’s easier to order a pizza or grab fast “food” and just try again another time. It doesn’t help that I’m not much of a cook. My work week eating is very basic but it works for me.”

She has continued to follow it every day since then – granting herself a cheat meal once a week.

“For me, doing it any other way (than cold turkey) would not have worked. It’s a very slippery slope when you allow yourself “normal” food. I could have justified eating crap any day of the week or for any occasion. By going cold turkey, I stopped the excuses and just did it.”

How CrossFit Fit In

“My friend that suggested Whole30 is also a CrossFitter. He loves the program and thought I could do it. I – on the other hand – did not agree. It took a lot of prodding and encouragement for me to even seriously consider it. We both thought a bootcamp-type event would be the best way for me to get started; as out of shape as I was, regular CrossFit was not an option [as a starting point].”

Sara found the CFWA Bootcamp and despite doubting her abilities, she signed up. She started with us on July 19th in our Bootcamp 5.0. We have all of our Bootcampers write down their “Why” on the first day. Sara’s was: “To be in better shape. To feel better about myself. To have the people in my life be proud to be seen with me. To be a good example to one of my nieces who is built like me and show her we can be fit.”

She enrolled two more times before joining into CrossFit November 20, 2015.

Having a Support System

“I cannot stress enough how much having my friend as a support system has helped me. Now we compare workouts and encourage each other. I think for anyone to be successful with clean eating and a workout program, you need to have a support system. You need to surround yourself with people who understand your goals and what you want to achieve, especially when you are first starting out. Eventually your family and friends will see the change in you and will truly support your “weird” lifestyle.

I am so thankful for my friend and my new CrossFit friends Martha, Kelsey, and Julie. Without their help and support, I don’t know that I could do this.

If I can do this…anyone can.”


  • Lost 15 pounds on Whole30
  • July 19 – August 29, 2015: Lost 16.4 pounds
  • August 29 – October 3, 2015: Lost 14.2 pounds
  • October 3 – November 19: Lost 15.4 pounds
  • Total weight lost in 4.5 months: 61 pounds
  • Total inches lost in 3 months: 7.5 from waist & 7 from hips

Right around the Corner

There is often a tipping point where change occurs. You feel a void, you hit a wall, you feel unhealthy, unhappy, or complacent – and it’s important to listen when life tries telling you something. We try very hard to suppress these feelings of unrest and think things will “work out on their own” or “what’s meant to be will be.” But the reality is things don’t really change unless you put your own fork in the road. Not everyone will understand and you have to know that the time you spent doing other things will become time spent on treading this new path.

Sara had these results in literally 4.5 months through dedication, consistency, and DRIVE. She was stronger than her strongest excuse. With a similar mindset – your goals and results are truly right around the corner. Taking care of yourself is not a temporary thing – it must be done on a daily basis.  It does not have to be a chore, but it is a responsibility that is incredibly empowering and fulfilling. I can’t wait to see where Sara is after a year into her journey.