Best Foods to Start Your Morning

by Coach Tim

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” You’ve heard that, so you eat breakfast out of duty to yourself and others, right? But what is that breakfast getting you? Sugars, starches, a little bit of protein, and a big energy crash around 10:30. “This balanced diet” suggested by cereal commercials are heavy on the quick garbage energy and lean on the muscle building protein and energy sustaining healthy fats our body craves after a night with no nourishment.

So how can we change this? Here’s a start!

  1. Veggie omelette with avocado. I’ll start this off with four eggs, chop up some peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, leafy greens, or whatever your veggies of choice are (prep the night before!). Make your omelette and top with avocado. Easy, delicious, and a great way to start your day off with some quality Omega-3 fatty acids, great vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and enough protein to keep you satiated until lunch time.(Meal prep tip: Make some omelette muffins or a crustless quiche on Sunday to get you through the week. Just heat them up, add your avocado, and get on with your morning!)
  2. Bacon, eggs, sweet potato. Eggs are definitely my go-to when it comes to breakfast. We like to bake sweet potatoes to last us through the week, and we’ll fry a pound or two of bacon up at a time. While not Omega-3 rich, bacon does provide a healthy dose of steady-energy providing saturated fats and a little protein to go with it. Sweet potatoes will give you a higher rush of carbs, which is great for recovery if you’re a morning workout enthusiast.
  3. Last night’s leftovers! Sometimes, we have to grab and go. We tend to be much more conscious of having a balanced dinner than we do breakfast or even lunch, so why  not carry that over to tomorrow’s breakfast? There’s nothing wrong with having some chicken breast and vegetables for lunch, so why resist?
  4. Bulletproof Coffee. This isn’t for everyone, but if you have little to no time but need a steady supply of energy throughout your morning, this is a good alternative to starting it off. Bulletproof coffee consists of coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil (derived from coconut). This is a sure bet to infuse your diet with a punch of energy plus caffeine to get you through a long morning, plus a decent source of Omega-3. But beware! Butter coffee using whatever is cheap at the store isn’t the same – you’re missing out on a lot of the heart-healthy Omega-3 and replacing it with much less beneficial fats. I wouldn’t make this the go-to breakfast for anyone, but if you’ve got a day that you just need those extra calories in the morning, there are worse things you could do.