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Sunday Food Prep Day

Hey all! With the big group of new faces we’re seeing at the gym these days, I thought I would take the opportunity to address a common issue we hear when we start talking nutrition at the gym: “I understand that eating well is important for my goals, but I’m so busy that it’s hard […]

Baby Push Ups?

(Editor’s Note: this is a guest blog by our friend Dr. Chris Feil of Team Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of Ames.)   I don’t care how many times a week you workout at CrossFit, when you were 10 months old, you probably had better push-up form/technique than you do now!  How can that be?  It’s actually […]

Pursuing Longevity and Personal Maintenance

by Coach Mo (Editor’s Note: As a bit of a forward, you will hopefully be noticing that we are upping our game in our Nutrition and Wisdom blogs. We spend a lot of time cultivating knowledge for ourselves as coaches and athletes, but only have a limited time to share it with our members. Below, […]

Coconut Milk: Not Your Bovine’s Milk

by Coach Tim NOT HOW COCONUT MILK IS MADE Coconut milk is pretty great, and is increasingly getting recognized for its greatness. Not only can it add a creamy texture to many dishes that those that are dairy-averse can be missing out on, it has some fantastic health benefits. Namely, coconut milk (and most coconut […]

What’s Your Beef, Chuck?

by Coach Tim I love me a good chuck roast. Who wouldn’t? It’s a large chunk of relatively inexpensive beef. Take a chunk, toss on some vegetables, and throw it in the oven for a couple hours and you have a delicious tender pot roast that tastes like a lovely blend of nostalgia, home, and […]