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to help build happy and healthy individuals through quality training, continuous education, and an environment built upon like-minded people, progress, and fun.
We are a lifestyle gym that focuses on culture and community. When you are surrounded by like-minded people, your ability to maintain healthy habits and exceed your expectations becomes inherent. We don’t just want our members to reach their goals, we want them to crush them. We aim to help our members identify their goals, exceed their expectations, and do things they never thought possible. We want to help nurture happier, healthier, fuller lives.

Membership Features

  • Professional Coaches

    Coaches at CrossFit West Ames have extensive experience in the areas of weightlifting, conditioning, corrective exercise protocol, goal setting and achievement, and nutritional guidance.

  • Community

    The best trainers, facility and programming in the world don’t mean anything if you don’t show up. Our staff and members provide support, encouragement, and accountability that you won’t find else.

  • Results and Progress

    Feedback is important for growth which is why we’ve created a system for revealing your progress every step of the way!

  • Goals Based Programs

    Fitness is not a one-size fits-all; your training should match your current fitness level and your goals. Our daily programming offers multiple levels that can be fit to the individual and delivers results!

  • Education

    We take pride in empowering our members to learn how to train the right way, to know what a great workout should feel like, and understand how your workout will get you the results you want.

  • Supplemental Training

    Learn skills that challenge you and stimulate your body and mind by discovering new training focuses.

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